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2011 - Doorways to Delinquency
about two-thirds of youth referred to King County’s (NY) juvenile justice system on an offender matter in 2006 have had some form of involvement in our state’s child welfare system. Moreover, involvement in child welfare is related to worse outcomes in the juvenile justice system on many levels – such as time spent in detention and recidivism – when compared to youth with no or limited involvement in the child welfare system. These outcomes, particularly for youth of color and females, worsened if the youth had more extensive involvement in the child welfare system.

March 31, 2011 - Institutionalized Children in PMC Foster Care of Texas DFPS Sued Rick Perry in Federal Court
Children in Texas PMC Foster Care, - M.D., by her next friend, Sarah R. Stukenberg, et. al. Versus Rick Perry, Governor; Thomas Suehs, Executive Commissioner of Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC); Anne Heiligenstein, Commissioner of the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), in The US District Court Southern District Of Texas, Corpus Christi Division

  • Violations of Civil Rights of Children in Texas State Foster Care
  • In 2009, 6,400 children – over one-quarter of all children in Texas’s PMC – had been in foster care for more than three years.
  • As of May 2010, roughly 500 children had been in Texas state custody for more than ten years.
  • As of August 2010, nearly three-quarters of children in the state’s PMC were legally free for adoption, languishing in state care
  • Federal Lawsuit contains information about the Status of Children in PMC, residential foster care in 2011
Hope4KidZ recommends Texas Judges require a Best Interest Evaluation for Children in Institutional Foster Care, with consideration given for changes that occur with children and families, allowing older children to return home immediately.

Texas Appleseed, August 20, 2010 - "Improving the Lives of Children in Long-Term Foster Care: The Role of Texas’ Courts and Legal System"
Judges required to have stronger role in achieving permanence

Children's Commission, February 18, 2010, Executive Summary from the Round Table Series. Children in the Permanent Managing Conservatorship of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Children's Commission, DFPS data shows that as of August 2009, 1 in every 4 children in state custody had been in care for three or more years

Legislative Reference Library of Texas

The Texas Administrative Code (TAC) defines the parameters of each government agency.

Texas State Law Library
Federal Courts
Federal Court Rules
Texas Courts
Texas Court Rules

Office of Court Administration

TX Courts, Publications, Forms, and Self-Help Legal forms Judicial Directory, Model Forms, Self-Help Legal Forms

- Texas Courts Online

Texas Family Code

CHAPTER 104 - Rules of Evidence Texas Family Code and the Civil Practice and Remedies Code
Title 2. Trial, Judgment, And Appeal
Subtitle B. Trial Matters
Chapter 18. Evidence

Chapter 152. Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction And Enforcement Act (UCCJEA)

CHAPTER 262. Procedures in Suit by Governmental Entity To Protect Health and Safety of Child

CHAPTER 263. Review Of Placement of Children Under Care of Department of Protective And Regulatory Services DFPRS (CPS)

"The child shall attend each permanency hearing unless the court specifically excuses the child ’s attendance.

Title 5 CHAPTER 266. (Informed Consent) Medical Care and Educational Services for Children in Foster Care

Civil Practice And Remedies Code
Title 2. Trial, Judgment, And Appeal - Subtitle B. Trial Matters
Chapter 18. Evidence

Governor's Resources for People with Mental Retardation, who require Protection

Texas Family Code

Texas Constitution

Texas Statutes - Search

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Senate Journals

Texas Administrative Code - Titles 1-43

Texas Administrative Code - Title 40 Index

- Texas Administrative Code Licensing Boards

Task Force on Indigent Defense

Affidavits of Indigency

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Freedom of Information Act - FOIA Form Letter (Word Format)

DFPS release of CPS case file - Click Here for qualification and forms in multiple languages.
"[...] copies of readily available public information of 50 pages or less, or material costing $5.00 or less (from this Fee Schedule), will be provided free of charge. Adoptive parents, adult adoptees, and adult victims of child abuse or neglect are not charged for the first copy of the record."

Fill Out Form 4885 to obtain a redacted copy of the case file from DFPS. Do not expect a response if you do not completely fill out the form. Be prepared to receive a letter asking for more information. Send completed form by Faxcertified, Return Receipt .

Child and Family Services Reviews HHSC Review of TX Child Protective Services
Fact Sheets, News Releases, and Presentations - 2004-2005

Child Statistics
"For every fatal injury among children ages 1–14, there are 33 hospitalizations and 1,350 emergency department visits for injuries [...]"

DFPS Office of Consumer Affairs - Inquiries and Complaints
"The Office of Consumer Affairs acts as a neutral party in reviewing complaints regarding case-specific activities of the program areas of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). If you believe one of the program areas of DFPS has not acted appropriately in a situation involving you, you have a right to complain and to be treated fairly and with dignity."

Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 ~ Amended 1998
Public Law 105-89 - 105th Congress
An Act promoting the adoption of children in foster care and limiting the amount of time state social services is allowed to keep children in foster care; especially PMC Care.

DFPS Site Map
Links to every page on the DFPS web site.

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Child Protective Services Handbook
Table of Contents
DFPS (CPS) Policies and Procedure Manual correspond to laws, requiring DFPS' employees, including Caseworkers, Investigators, and Contractors providing care, follow Policies and Procedures. Become informed! Search the CPS Handbook by learning the Index and Glossary. The latest updates and changes in laws are reflected in the online handbook.

Licensing Handbook
Table of Contents

DFPS Child Care Standards and Regulations
Chapter 748 (PDF)

Child Care Licensing Renewal

Texas Health & Human Services Commission

HHSC Review of Child Protective Services


Texas Family Law Statutes

Texas Constitution

  • Table of Content (TOC)
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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- Texas Code of Judicial Conduct

- Texas Courts

  • Reach the Supreme Court, the Court of Criminal Appeals, and the intermediate courts of appeals web sites;
  • Locate trial court records
  • Access additional menu items to reach other, frequently requested information concerning the Texas Judiciary, such as related entities, rules, and publications.

- Lifting the Veil - Supreme Court Rulings

Research Residential Treatment Centers

Hope4KidZ RTC Watch List

Texas Admin. Code 748
CHAPTER 748 General Residential Operations and Residential Treatment Centers

Subchapter H - Child's Rights

Texas Administrative Code - Subchapter N - Emergency Behavior Intervention, also known as Restraints, chemical and physical.


Information related to Key Laws for Texans with Disabilities and the Texas Statutes by topic.

All parents can benefit from WrightsLaw; parents of children with differing abilities and disabilities benefit from the wealth of Education Law for children with special needs.

Texas Education Association

Texas Education Code